The Casper Fight Scene

Hailing from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, The Casper Fight Scene is your new favorite emo band. Initially formed by longtime pals Jason and Kenny in their hometown, CFS rounded out their lineup with friends Zach and Mikey after moving to Marquette. It only took the release of a couple of early tracks and rowdy shows with the MI homies for rabid fans to form, begging for more. In August 2022, CFS delivered with the release of their first EP, Good Deal, which was recorded in just two days with Tyler Floyd at Eureka Studios. A perfect cocktail of earnestly sung (and yelled) lyrics against a backing of driving drums and deliciously noodly riffs, Good Deal is the breakout emo release of 2022 you won’t be able to stop spinning. What’s more, this is only the beginning for The Casper Fight Scene.

The Casper Fight Scene - Good Deal
August 30, 2022
Leave It At That Records